What makes us special

Experience a pizza born centuries ago

First Pizza was born in Napoli Italy. It is simply the best in the world. It has a super light, fluffy crust with crispy, charred spots and ideally made with a good sourdough. Indeed, we were the first in NZ and the second in the Australasia to be recognized and awarded for making and serving religiously exactly that! The Real pizza Napoletana!

Experience The Taste of Italy

Dante’s Pizzas are made with Caputo flour from Napoli, tomato from San Marzano, mozzarella cheese from Campana and are baked in the wood fired oven hand made in Napoli by Gianni Acunto the master of his craft. At Dante’s It’s like having a slice of Italy away from Italy.

World class chefs

What items we use at Dante’s is one side of the coin, who ‘plays’ with them is the other side. Dante’s Pizzaioli are very passionate, energetic and highly experienced. They’ve been working for years in Italy and abroad only to bring to you the touch of master hands that make and bake Dante’s Pizza.


A cozy place for family and friends

We grew up in an environment where honest food was the centre of everyday life. Our families gathered around the dining room table and during that special time important things were being discussed. We always loved that. We grow up learning how to cook and became obsessed with the quality of food given through family values. These values are those who excite or passion and what we transmit to our clients every day.

From the Founder

People ask me a lot what’s my favourite pizza… It is Pizza Margherita always…
At Dante’s Pizzeria, a traditionally made sourdough base that’s friendly to all tummies, including those with gluten intolerance, provides the perfect base for tantalisingly delicious pizza made with only the freshest ingredients

What do the food critics say about Dantes Pizzeria?

Naples, Italy is where pizza was first created centuries ago. The well-known tradition of love, passion, care and culinary skill has been passed down from generation to generation – helping to create the highly devoted Neapolitan pizzaioli (pizza chef) based at Dante’s today who perfectly craft ‘LA VERA PIZZA NAPOLETANA’ – the real Neapolitan pizza. Dante’s Pizzeria was the first in New Zealand and the second in Australasia to be recognised for following the meticulous specifications that define the Real Pizza Neapolitan, delivering without fail exactly that. When it comes to Pizza Dante’s boys do not cut corners which is why we don’t lie when we say Dante’s Pizza is absolute perfection without the stress of digestion issues and best of all, without the guilt.